Foodee is the leading corporate catering solution for modern offices. Our unique platform helps easily plan, build, manage, and deliver a safe, flexible meal program catered to the whole team. We partner exclusively with locally owned restaurants to feed the city's workforce, elevate office culture, eliminate food waste, and build vibrant, sustainable communities.

How Foodee Works:

  1. Build a Preference Profile.
    Share your team's dietary and taste preferences. Receive custom curated restaurant recommendations.

  2. Invite Your Team to Order.
    Invite your team to their own Foodee dashboard and select their own meal from the restaurant's menu. Every team member can store their dietary restrictions, allergies and favorite meals on their profile to ensure they are always offered personalized options.

  3. Eat and Enjoy
    Every meal arrives individually packaged with personalized labeling and is easy to grab and go. Setup mobile notifications to let your team know when to pick up their meals.

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