We partner with top local restaurants in your city, from local landmarks to hidden hotspots. Our wide selection of restaurants allows you to choose from many cuisine and dietary types. Be sure to use the filter feature to explore our restaurant partners on our platform. Head over to the restaurant page of your respective city and click the Dietary & Cuisine Filters button. A dropdown of assorted selections will appear where you can sort by diet, filter by feature and/or cuisine.

You can use the filter feature to filter by the following:

  1. Diet

  2. Feature (i.e. restaurant identification, style, etc.)

  3. Cuisine

If you already know the name of the restaurant you would like to order from, you can enter it in the search bar found on the same page.

Don’t see a restaurant of your choice? Please contact our Support Team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner - we are always open to hearing your suggestions and feedback!

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