At Foodee, our Restaurant Team works closely with our restaurant partners to provide clients with carefully curated menus to ensure quality when delivering. This means that some take-out menus you may come across online will vary from the menu published on the Foodee website. For example, items such as fountain drinks and soups are usually not included to reduce chances of spillage in transit.

Additionally, at this time we are working with our restaurant partners to only offer meals that can be individually packaged with personalized labeling to limit cross-contamination. We have a Health and Safety Guideline page for you to learn more about preventive measures.

Dietary Tags

Upon landing on the menu page for the restaurant of your choice, you may notice different letters shaded in different colors - these are called dietary tags.

Note: The number beside the symbol represents the number of items on the menu that adhere to the respective dietary tag.

These represent the different dietary lifestyles and allergen restrictions. When you enter a restaurant menu page you will notice a legend on the left-most side of the page on what the letters stand for, but here is a comprehensive list of definitions on the letters:

DF - Dairy Free

VG - Vegan

V - Vegetarian

GF - Gluten Free

PL - Paleo

FV - Foodee Favorite

NT - Contains Nuts

SY - Contains Soy

KO - Kosher

HL - Halal

S - Spicy

K - Keto

SF - Contains Shellfish

SD - Contains Seeds

On the restaurant menu page you may also notice some dietary tags associated with the meal are shaded while others are not.

The shaded tags are associated with the meal as represented, the non-shaded tags are associated with the add-on options that are available with the meal. These will be made visible when you click on the item.

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