Do I have to tip?

We recommend tipping to show your team’s appreciation for your driver’s hard work. As critical members of your local community, our couriers ensure your team can safely enjoy exceptional meals while supporting local restaurants by delivering corporate orders.

What happens if I don’t tip?

Tipping is optional but strongly encouraged to show your support for delivery drivers. If you don’t tip, your order will still be delivered at your requested time slot.

Who does the tip go to?

100% of your tip goes to our couriers. They do not incur any service or handling fees from receiving tips.

Can I set a default tip amount for each delivery?

If you’re placing a one-time order, you’ll need to confirm your tip during Order Checkout. You’ll be asked to confirm your tip amount each time you place a new order.

If you’re ordering recurring meals with Foodee Plus, you can set a default tip per an order, for each courier, in your Meal Settings.

Where does my delivery fee go if the driver receives a tip?

Delivery fees are paid to our couriers directly. Delivery fees ensure that each delivery driver earns a competitive base pay for fulfilling corporate deliveries.

What is the difference between a service fee and a tip?

Foodee charges a service fees when your courier is handling a large order exceeding $500 or is required to travel longer distances to deliver your food. Service fees do not replace tips.

Can I change my tip if I had an issue with my delivery driver?

If you had a poor experience, please share your feedback with Foodee support. You can request to change your tip amount and our team will update it for you.

Can I tip the restaurant too?

We appreciate your interest in supporting our local restaurant partners.

At this time, we don’t offer tipping for restaurants but we’re looking into adding it as a feature. In the meantime, if you’d like to support a local restaurant further, please consider 5 ways to support restaurants during COVID-19 and share this with your team.

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