What is a Team Order?

A Team Order allows your employees to individually choose what they want from the selected restaurant menu and submit it to a shared cart visible to the person who set up the order (Order Owner). Only the Order Owner needs a Foodee account to start a Team Order. A unique link is generated to be shared to employees participating in the Team Order. Additionally, the Order Owner can set a deadline for orders to be submitted and a budget for each team member to spend.

I missed the deadline, can I still place an order?

If you have missed the deadline to order your meal and the order has officially closed, you can contact our Support Team to assist you. For an immediate response, please contact our Support Team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner. Be sure to know what item you would like to add to the order and we can assist you.

Please note: changes cannot be made within 3 hours of the delivery. Late orders are always dependent on the restaurants’ approval. Any change made after the deadline is a request and not a guarantee.

You can adjust your deadline notification settings in your Notification Preferences to be reminded of upcoming order deadlines.

How do I request for special dietary restrictions?

To add personalized notes or restaurant instructions to an item in your cart, select the red pencil icon on the right hand side of the meal and a window pop up will appear. Input your personalized notes and make sure to save the updated item.

The window pop up will be displayed on your screen, resembling the image below.

Note: If the item has add-on options, this window will appear automatically after selecting the item for the first time.

To add personalized allergy notes, select the box under Allergy Alert. This will allow you to add custom notes to the item and be sent to the restaurant for them to see. These notes are optional, but they’re a great way to let the restaurant know of any specific preferences you might have for that item.

For a team order, can I pick multiple restaurants?

No, each restaurant is treated as a separate team order. If you wish to order from more than one, delivery fees for each order will apply.

How do I cancel my team order?

Order Owners can cancel a team order anytime before it is submitted through the edit window. Click the ‘pencil icon’ in the top right corner of your ordering cart to bring up this menu.

After the order has been submitted, you will have to contact our Service Team who will process your cancellation. All cancelled orders are subject to our cancellation policy.

While I am waiting for my team to order, am I guaranteed to have the restaurant/time I have selected?

Restaurant capacities fill up as orders are submitted to Foodee. Your spot is reserved only after your Team Order deadline has passed and your order has been submitted. If you are interested in reserving a time-slot, select the Auto-Submit feature for Team Orders.

Auto-Submit includes a pre-checkout that allows you to ‘set it and forget it’. You will enter your delivery and payment details before adding cart items. Once your deadline is up, your order goes through automatically.

How do I create a team order?

For Team Orders, click the button that says Create a Team Order.

A pop-up window will appear where you will be prompted to sign-up by entering your details.

Once you have signed up you will be able to continue placing your first team order with Foodee and get your team to start ordering with the shareable link.

To view your order submissions head over to the Account tab in the top navigation bar and click Orders on the left-hand side. You will be brought to a page that shows you your upcoming orders, past orders and draft orders. From here you can view the invoice for your orders.

Note: At this time draft orders cannot be deleted

When everybody has submitted their order, you can close it and submit. Alternatively, you can choose Auto-Submit and have the order close and submit automatically.

What is the Order Deadline?

The order deadline is the time and date by which team members must have submitted their orders. This time is set by the Order Owner. Your team members have visibility of the deadline (through a countdown timer) within the shared Team Order link. After the deadline, the cart will be locked to the team and you, the Order Owner, can review or edit the whole order and submit when ready.

What is Auto-Submit? Should I select it?

When you make a new Team Order, you will have an option to “Auto-Submit.” This option includes a pre-checkout that requires you to enter your delivery and payment details before adding cart items. On the day of your deadline, your order will be submitted automatically. We will send you an email reminder a few hours before your deadline to review your order.

Does my order come with cutlery, plates and napkins?

Compostable tableware additions will be based on whether the selected restaurant is offering them at the time of the order. For restaurants that do offer cutlery, plates and/or napkins, you will be asked if you would like these additional items upon submitting your order. Please note additional fees may apply.

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