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How to change/remove my order
How to change/remove my order

Are you wanting to edit or remove your order before the team deadline? This can be done through your Foodee account.

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Updated over a week ago

To edit your order before the deadline has passed, please login to your account using your email and password.

Once within your account, please go to the diner portal by selecting "Order Now" and select the restaurant that you had order from.

From there you will be given the option to "edit order" or "change restaurant if your company offers multiple restaurant choices.

Once you have selected "edit order" it will bring you to the restaurants ordering page where you will have the option to remove your items and add new ones if needed.

Once you have adjusted your items, you will need to select "place order" so the change is submitted.

If you would like to remove your items completely, you can also select "change restaurant" and this will remove them from the order.

If you are wanting to change your order after the deadline, please reach out to our support team.

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